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"Joss creates genuine fear when he embodies a charcter. He makes nightmares, and we LOVED seeing his terrifying take on the Devil"

- Spencer Cohen, Director - "TAROT"

"I had the pleasure of working with Joss Carteron a recent project, and I have to say, he is a truly fantastic creature performer. Joss'dedication and commitment to his craft are trulyimpressive as the energy of his performance, and his ability to bring creatures to life is top tier. Working with him on the set in Serbia was a fantastic experience, and his patience duringthe long prosthetic application process was a great aid. Joss has an excellent understanding of what is took to bring our creature to life and his attention to detail and care for the character he was inhabiting was a delight. I would highly recommend Joss for and dynamic creature performance role and I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again." - Dan Martin, 13 Finger FX: "TAROT" - 'The Devil'

“I had seen Joss’ inimitable performances in various movement exploration videos that Charlie Mayhew did with him. His performances gave us the ability to understand ideas ahead of shooting them in the country we would end up for production, but would then need to work with local cast. I finally had the means (budget) to work with Joss himself, flying him out to Spain where he performed as a dog like character. He did not fail to impress, bringing all the craziness I had imagined he had inside him, but with total control and taking direction perfectly. Along with a wonderful work ethic, I can say that it was an absolute pleasure to work with Joss and I can’t wait to repeat the collaboration.” - Ian Pons Jewell, Director: Quickbook Commercial

“Joss is one of the most exciting artists I have worked with in a long time. His artistry, creativity and extraordinary performance skills are a gift for a creative. He is a kind and solid company member and brings a unique and rare quality to a film, TV or theatre project.” - Lynne Page, Movement Director: ‘The 47th’.

"Joss was a pleasure to work with on Don’t Hug me I’m Scared. He engaged with the role and schedule , always willing to make it work in time we had. He was always extremely well prepped , so could jump straight in when needed to deliver great performances. He was a popular member of the crew, working really well with all the elements of the film making team to help create a friendly but focused environment.”

- Mark Lacey, 1st AD: Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared.

"I've worked with Joss for years. first we danced together in the Dutch company T.R.A.S.H. where we pushed each other.

Joss has a stamina and technique thats like fighting talk. It was an honour to share the stage with him, he always danced like it was his last dance. Legend. We then began working together on my show "The Hope Hunt & Ascension into Lazarus". Joss is a performer/ car driver/ DJ for the show but as with all small shows we all mucked in, with tech set up get in's, get out's and general tour management. We have fun and we do good shows. He's a creative asset to any company and a brilliant teacher too."

-Oona Doherty, Director O.D. Works: 'Hope Hunt'

“Joss has been an invaluable core member of a group of movement specialists who continue to inspire, create and shape new frontiers in movement led character work.  He is a pleasure to work with with a keen eye and fearless approach.”

- Alex Reynolds, Movement Director: 'The Mummy'/'Aquaman 2'/'Morbius'

"We live in strange times, so many ways to speak to so many different people but what are we saying? Liberty can also be an illusion, we might not be as free as we think. There is so often pressure to conform, to operate within safe margins, to be neutral for fear of upsetting others, either to be quiet or to be vocal as long as there is an invisibility offered by being buried in the pack of popular or mediocre opinion.

Joss Carter lives and breathes resistance, this is displayed in his unequivocal dedication to the messages he presents. His work clearly illustrates that he has disposed of fear, and he has developed very particular physical body language in order to talk to us. 


Communication is everything to Joss, creative energy courses through his veins and bubbles up inside him often throwing him to the floor, exploding through his body, this energy ultimately lifts him up enabling us the audience to become transfixed and ascend with him." - Dean Chalkley - Photographer / Director

“Carter is a master, a visionary, and a true fine artist”  - Ken Ludden, Director of the Margot Fonteyn Academy


“Joss was incredibly vital member of our creature team. Not only did he help to develop unique, bespoke movement, but he was also incredibly committed to the long, arduous days involved in our production. He brought ahis exceptional physical performance skills to beat every day, as well as a great work ethic and a positive can do attitude. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.” - Colm McCarthy, Director/producer: 'CURFEW' / Moonage Pictures

“I first met Joss Carter when holding auditions for the new series on Sky, CURFEW. Another Movement Director, that I trust and respect, had recommended Joss, saying I must meet him. I contacted Joss, who was in Canada at the time, telling him I was holding auditions and would love him to attend. Despite arriving into London on that morning, jet lagged and sleep deprived he turned up on time and was quite brilliant! Later that day the Director, Colm McCarthy, Series Producer, Simon Maloney and myself discussed the auditions and we unanimously agreed Joss would be perfect as one of the creatures in the show. Luckily for us, Joss was available and interested, so I got him onboard.


His work throughout the gruelling schedule was always of the highest quality. He patiently endured the 6 hours in make up, as he was wearing a full prosthetic suit, made by Millennium FX, and the hour and a half to de-rig. All the departments remarked on Joss’s professionalism and his incredible performance.

Over the 6 months of working with Joss my respect for him continued to grow, as he worked tirelessly to realised the strange and unique qualities of the creature. His intelligence, skills and commitment to his craft made it an absolute joy to be around. Generously he both supported me and his fellow creature performers through arduous night shoots, in challenging conditions. I’m really looking forward to getting to work with him again and would happily recommend this talented and charming man to any directors, producers or movement directors.” - Dan O’Neill, Moment Director: 'CURFEW'

“I have now worked with Joss on 3 different projects. He is one of the most talented movement specialists I am yet to work with. His body possesses a vast range of movement, he’s a brilliant actor, and he has an ability to absorb direction to a depth that takes a role to whole other level. On top of that, his stamina and professionalism from R&D to working on set means that I can trust he will perform at an excellent standard and efficiently with all the demands and extremities film & TV can bring.” - Charlie Mayhew, Movement Director 'The Mummy'/'Quickbooks Commercial'

"Sitting still for many hours, of prosthetic makeup and suit application at odd hours of the day and night is no easy job. Remaining cheerful, focussed and professional is even harder. Giving a committed performance after so long in the makeup chair whilst respecting the makeup is harder still.  Joss Carter is great at all of that." - Cliff Wallace, SFX prosthetics make up artist and sculptor - Millenium FX: 'CURFEW"

"We stuck Joss in full body creature prosthetics whilst filming night shoots in Manchester in the middle of winter. The action required was both mentally and physically very challenging, but even in the harshest of conditions, Joss nailed his performance perfectly every time. Scary to watch!!” - Darren Robinson, SFX prosthetics make up artist and sculptor - Millennium FX: 'CURFEW'

“I worked with Joss Carter during the summer of 2016 on Tom Cruises ‘The Mummy’. I made up Joss a few times as one of the undead characters. He was always a pleasure to work with. A very patient dedicated and consummate professional. That’s always a bonus when someone is enduring a prosthetic makeup.” - Adrian Rigby, Make-up & SFX prosthetic make up artist: 'The Mummy'

“Joss is a fearless and generous performer, team member and collaborator. His commitment and trust allowed me to fully achieve my vision for my piece ‘TOYS’”. - Lea Tirabasso, Choreographer & Director: 'TOYS'

"I employed Joss for the production of "10,000 litres". Joss has a strong presence and he is a committed and fearless performer, keen to engage with ideas which push his physical and mental limits.” - Evangelia Kolyra, Choreographer & Director: '10,000 litres'

F L E S H  &  B O N E 

I   N   T   E   R   R   O   G   A    T   I   O   N   S

Workshop Participants Feedback

“These workshops seem so fundamental to being human.”

“The workshops bring me back to myself from a deep place of identity – my own cellular make up is disturbed,

shaken, vibrated, energised and chemically changed.”

“It disturbs the social norms that we fall into when we encounter daily life, it gives me a different lens with which to

look at the world, it promotes empathy, generosity and passion."

“Joss’ approach of teaching, and generosity of sharing his vast knowledge of movement is absolutely amazing.”

“It was very refreshing, from a dancer’s point of view, to find myself in a non-judgmental, loving environment which

I believed encouraged us all to take risks and fully explore the given tasks.”

“Joss established a sense of community and trust within the group from the very start, which created a space for

pushing the body to physical and mental extremes.”

1 - 1 

C O N T E M P O R A R Y  M O V E M E N T  & 

P E R F O R M A N C E  C O A C H I N G

"Joss is both insightful and attentive. He unlocks ideas that reside within my body and gives me the confidence and strength to carry them through. This has had a great effect on my live performance, as I am much more relaxed within my body and ready to explore new worlds of movement." - Colin "BANG CROSBY" Burrows, Lead singer "BAD FRACTALS" @bangcrosby // @badfractals


“My coaching session with Joss Carter was immensely beneficial towards my practise as a actor and contemporary dance artist. Joss creates a safe, grounded space to unleash and unlock hidden depths within the psyche as an artist. This process allowed me to expand beyond my emotional and physical extremities within character based and movement combined tasks. 

Within the creative space with Joss he embraces the vulnerability of the human soul allowing the process to be authentic and raw. Working in this bold, playful yet intense way before auditions I had coming up allowed me to sharpen my skill set  and enter into a meditative state of discipline, focus and clarity, being sensitive and aware from within. This allowed me to then enter auditions I had being able to spearhead the tasks at hand with confidence and self belief within my abilities as an artist.

I am deeply grateful to Joss and his generous way of working so deeply with the mind body and soul.”

- Morgan Eliss, Dance artist/Model/Actor

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