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“…I would work with him again in a heartbeat!”

- Colm McCarthy, Director



Red Guy
Joss Carter COAL_edited.jpg

Born 1988, raised in South Shropshire/West Midlands and now resident at K5 Studio, London, Joss Carter is an incredibly unique, versatile, fearless, and generous multi-disciplinary avant-garde transgressive artist working in the fields of contemporary dance and movement, physical theatre, Acting, Live Art, Creature Performance, Special Action (SPACT), Direction, Choreography, Teaching, Coaching, & Production.

With an extensive & impressive professional career that spans over 12 years in Theatre, Immersive, Television, Film, & Motion Capture Joss has established himself as a multifaceted, invaluable asset, human & creature to each person, project, production, and organisation.

“…his stamina and professionalism from R&D to working on set means that I can trust he will perform at an excellent standard and efficiently with all the demands and extremities film & TV can bring.”

- Charlie Mayhew, Choreographer & Movement Director 


Graduating from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds, (2006-2010) and rooted in Contemporary dance techniques ‘Graham’, ‘Cunningham’, ‘Butoh’, ‘Somatic Release’, ‘Flying Low’ and Classical Ballet Carter has developed a terrific sense of fluidity, speed, softness and grounded sensitivity that has been established from the discipline, knowledge, awareness, and understanding of extremes and subtleties in contraction, tension, impact and repetition. All of this is accompanied through the application of a forced breath and voice work.

His distinctive and authentic approach to the relationships between movement, performance and creativity is driven by the organic and obscure distortion of anatomy and psychology through creating concepts that challenge and enhance mind and physical altering states.

He constantly teases with and overcomes thresholds to reveal the beauty within the grotesque and insanity, and  is driven by exhaustion to feed a constant hunger of ecstatic liberation, purity, openness and raw primitive energy. He is on an eternal quest to discover the heart and soul of himself and to share this with others through his methods and technique of movement, choreographic and performance practises.

Dedicated to working with the highest quality of creativity, professionalism, responsibility, commitment and care to his roles he continues to inspire, create and shape the people and the industry he is consumed by.


"I would happily recommend this talented and charming man to any directors, producers or movement directors.”

- Dan O’Neill, Moment Director




Joss has performed, toured and taught intensively on an international level with contemporary companies and choreographers such as: ’T.R.A.S.H’, ‘Gary Clarke Company’, ‘Black Haine’, ‘Oona Doherty’, ‘Secret Cinema’, ‘BalletBoyz,’ ‘Tilted Productions’, ‘Lea Tirabasso’, amongst many many more. 

In 2022 he played the role of the ‘Shaman’ in the West End production ‘The 47th’ directed by Rupert Goold, Written my Mike Bartlett and performed at The Old Vic, London.

F I L M  /  T . V .  /  M O T I O N  C A P T U R E










Through his years of working in the contemporary fields in theatre and Live Art his transition into working in Film & TV started in 2015 as a creature performer & movement specialist in “The Mummy” (Universal) as “The Undead Crusaders”. Continuing his journey and passion for Creature acting he has established himself as a recognised figure within the industry.


Productions and Roles include:

    •“Mook” (HERO) - ‘Curfew’ (Sky TV/Tiger Aspect),

  • “Plagued” ‘BloodMoon’ (Unaired Game of Thrones Spin-off series pilot)

  • “Movement specialist & Body double to Jared Leto” - ‘Morbius’ (Marvel),

  • “Red Guy” (HERO) - ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’ (Channel 4/Blink Industries),

  • “Necrus Undead” (HERO) - ‘Aqua Man 2’, (DC),

  • “The Devil” (HERO) - ‘Horrorscope’ (WIP/Sony Pictures)

  • “Motion Capture Movement Specialist” - ‘Willow’ (Lucas Productions)

  • "Movement Artiste" - 'Wicked' (Marc Platt Productions / Universal Pictures)

Other acting and special action “SPACT” credits include roles in: “The Informer”, “Killing Eve”, “Original Ganster”, “Pistol”, “Secret Invasion”, “The Expendables 4”, “The Witcher: Blood Origin”, “F1 2023”.

M U S I C  V I D E O

‘Jake Bugg’, ‘Flohio’, ‘Mykki Blanco’, ‘Black Haine', ‘Kill Your Boyfriend’, ‘The Amazons’, ‘James Massiah’, ‘Amine’, ‘The Oozes’, ‘Octavian’, ‘The Hour’, 'CIEL'.

C O M M E R C I A L 

‘Quickbooks’, ‘Skittles’, ‘Oculus’.

“Joss has been an invaluable core member of a group of movement specialists who continue to inspire, create and shape new frontiers in movement led character work.  He is a pleasure to work with with a keen eye and fearless approach.”

Alex Reynolds, Movement Director

D I R E C T I O N  /  T E A C H I N G  /  C O A C H I N G





Joss regularly teaches professional, educational and open level classes and workshops internationally with his radical yet humble approach and ideologies of movement and performance under the title ‘FLESH & BONE INTERROGATIONS’. He focuses on establishing and exhausting the body through technical and primitive forms of stimulating and self-disciplined actions & reactions aiming to energise and unlock the corporeal existence of one-self through a non judgemental, honest, caring and intimate environment of transgression.

“The workshops bring me back to myself from a deep place of identity - my own cellular make up is disturbed, shaken, vibrated, energised and chemically changed.”

- workshop participant.

Flesh & Bone interrogations

C O N T E M P O R A R Y  D A N C E  &  M O V E ME N T  \\  P H Y S I C A L  T H E A T R E  \\

 L I V E  A R T  P E R F O R M A N C E

C L A S S E S  &  W O R K S H O P  I N T E N S I V E S

contemporary movement & performance coaching

In 2020 he set up the “Contemporary Movement and Performance Coaching” program. A private and personally tailored one-on-one sessions directed to aid the client on their desired specific needs and demands whether it be to gain more understanding of the physical body, R&D for new concepts, character training/development or to assist directors in developing their casting roles for any situation that they might need.

"Joss is both insightful and attentive. He unlocks ideas that reside within my body and gives me the confidence and strength to carry them through. This has had a great effect on my live performance, as I am much more relaxed within my body and ready to explore new worlds of movement."

- Colin "BANG CROSBY" Burrows, Lead singer "BAD FRACTALS”





'Anatomy of the Heart’ (2018)


‘SALVATION’ (2014)

 ‘The Ravenous Flight of Misanthropy' (2013)



Carter's independent solo works are a provoking and controversial transgressive surreal hyper-realism that merges contemporary dance and physical theatre, live performance art and film/tv to create a Vanitas of himself that challenges the histories, beliefs, cultures and fantasies of humanity.

Through the disruption of physical and mental states of his performance and character concepts his audience’s are transcended through a cathartic journey of visceral ideas allowing the space to open up questions and considerations for one's own moral existence.


His work is consciously crafted for performance versatility. He allows the work to be re/deconstructed to fit a multitude of situations and environments by fracturing, editing, and evolving the performance concept from its original frame to create new pathways.


Joss entwine's other forms of his artistic crafts, techniques and life skills to produce music, prop, and set design inspired from the natural and unnatural world.


He discovers and develops conceptual set forms and improvised structures, combined with his own contemporary process, analysis, reflection, logic, opinion and belief within both familiar and unfamiliar realms of body, mind and soul.

anatomy of the heart
K5 logo side_edited.png

Joss is resident/co-ordinator/co-owner/co-producer of K5 Studio, an independent, not-for-profit live/work creative space located within the thriving artistic residential warehouse community. He and his co-residents host various open level, community and professional workshops, performance evenings and events programming classes and workshops, and supporting/nurtured other independent artists.

K5 Studio is an independent organisation available to hire for very affordable commercial and non-commercial rates.


Second skin agency
voicefox agency

Movement /Acting / Skins / Creature / Movement Direction

Rachel Breeze - Second Skin Agency




TELEPHONE: +44 (0) 7551 883 559


Motion Capture / Movement Direction

Emily Dean - VoiceFox Agency



TELEPHONE: +44 (0) 7906 905 202



• In 2024 Joss will join the teaching faculty of Identity School of Acting. London.

In 2023 Joss left his current roles and responsobilites at MFAB x FLET and in turn was given the titles of an International Creative Director of studies.

• In 2020 Joss became the UK representative and Board of Directors, Treasurer &  trustee for the Margot Fonteyn         Academy of Ballet's ‘Fonteyn-Leung Arts and Ballet Educational Trust in Prescott, Arizona, USA

  • Alongside his movement and performance he creates other artistic apparitions that are inspired from, or incorporated into his productions such as tattooing, illustration, music, skull collecting, taxidermy and other horrorfications.

  • Joss features on the Blackhaine EP "... And Salford Falls Apart".

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