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J O S S  C A R T E R

Contemporary Movement & Performance Specialist

Dancer | Actor | Creature | SPACT | Choreographer | Director | Teacher | Mentor 

Stage | Immersive | T.V. | Film | Motion Capture

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Joss Carter is a British-European multi disciplinary Contemporary Dancer, Movement and Performance Artist, Actor, Director, Choreographer, Teacher/Coach/Mentor, Creature Performer, SPACT and Motion/Performance Capture Artist for Stage, Immersive, T.V. & Film. He is currently based at K5 Studio, London, UK.


Born and raised in South Shropshire/West Midlands in 1988, he graduated from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds, UK, in 2010. 


Carter has performed, toured and taught intensively on an international level with contemporary companies and choreographers such as: T.R.A.S.H (NL), Gary Clarke Company (UK) in the award winning production ‘COAL’, Oona Doherty (UK), Secret Cinema (UK), BalletBoyz (UK), Mor Shani (NL/IL), Tilted Productions (UK), Lea Tirabasso (UK/LU), amongst many many more. 


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He regularly teaches professional, educational and open level classes and workshops Internationally with his radical yet humble approach and ideologies of movement and performance under the title ‘FLESH & BONE INTERROGATIONS’. He focuses on establishing and exhausting the body through technical and primitive forms of stimulating and self-disciplined actions & reactions aiming to energise and unlock the corporeal existence of one-self through a non judgemental, honest, caring and intimate environment of transgression.




In 2014 he set up the ‘Eclipse Educational Creative Exchange Program’ to support graduating students with the experience of the performing industry and to challenge their own artistry and creativity whilst creating a platform for himself and his guest teachers to generate and rediscover new and old concepts whilst also gaining support from the educational organisations involved. 


Read more about the ‘Eclipse Educational Creative Exchange Program’


In 2020 he set up the “Contemporary Movement and Performance Coaching” program. A private and personally tailored one-on-one or group sessions directed to aid the client on their desired specific needs and demands whether it be to gain more understanding of the physical body, R&D for new concepts, or to assist directors in developing their casting roles. 

Read more about the “Contemporary Movement and Performance Coaching” program


His live solo  productions include:


Anatomy of the Heart (2018)



 The Ravenous Flight of Misanthropy (2013)


Working with a DIY Head Hands Heart approach his transgressive surreal hyper realistic work merges contemporary dance theatre, live performance art to create a Vanitas of himself and humanity. 


See all productions here


In 2018 Joss became the lead movement specialist/creature performer for Tiger Aspect Productions / Sky TV's original new drama 'Curfew' directed by Colm McCarthy & Chris Smith with movement direction by Dan O’Neill/Charlie Mayhew, and prosthetics by Millennium FX. ‘Curfew’ starred a huge talented cast including Sean Bean, Adrian Lester, Mirander Richardson and Billy Zane.


His other previous Film & T.V works include creature R&D as Jared Leto body double for Human - Vampire transformations in ‘Morbius’ directed by Daniel Espinosa and movement direction by Alex Reynolds / “The Mummy” starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella, directed by Alex Kurzman with movement direction by Alex Reynolds & Charlie Mayhew amongst many more supporting roles in ‘Anna Karenina’ & ‘Killing Eve’ / and music videos and model photography. In 2021 he joined 'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared' playing The Red Guy, produced by Blink Industries, Channel 4 & BFI to be aired early 2022.

Joss also was lead feature creature for Aquaman 2 in 2021.

In 2020 Joss became the UK representative and Board of Directors, Treasurer &  trustee for the Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet's Fonteyn-Leung Arts and Ballet Educational Trust.


Joss is signed to Second Skin Agency, The Mocap Agency, Take 3 SPACT agency and The Mocap Troupe with Sarah Perry.

In 2015 Joss became co-coordinator, programmer, producer, administrator, and living resident at K5 Studio, North London.

He and his co-inhabitants host various open level, community and professional workshops, performance evenings and events programming classes and workshops, and supporting/nurtured other independent artists through initiative's such as his Res!idency Program for The Place’s Resolution performance platform in 2016 & 2017 and the ‘Dancers Massage Exchange’ plus space in kind.


K5 Studio is an independent organisation available to hire for very affordable commercial and non-commercial rates.

Discover more about K5 here


Alongside his movement and performance he creates other artistic  apparitions that are inspired from, or incorporated into his productions such as tattooing, illustration, music, apparel, skull collecting, taxidermy and other horrorfications.

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Fun fact

Joss is related the world famous Egyptologist and archaeologist Howard Carter who discovered the tomb of the Pharaoh  Tutankhamun in 1922.

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Joss is proud to announce that he is the UK trustee for the MFAB Fonteyn-Leung Educational Trust based in Prescott, Arizona, USA