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Anatomy of the Heart

“Have you ever felt physically love sick, or just mentally sick of love? This cruel solo pursuit dissects the grotesque self conscious, anxious confessions of a romantically melancholic soul. Confronting the realms between dance theatre and live performance art Joss strips ego to its core, evoking the depressive methods of his madness within personal issues of love and mental health. With a stage drenched in sadness Joss slips, slides and suspends in a world of shame with the hope of unearthing once more the empathetic archeology of humanity. 

Aiming to bring further awareness and understanding of the stigma that entwines this conceptual abstraction within the fundamental issues of our own realities and existence, this improvisational composition interrogates deepest, darkest intimacies guided by personal writing, an unsystematic inventory of broken metaphors and similes, and breathtaking imagery. ‘Anatomy of the Heart’ is a poetical hallucination of intangible delirium that forever changes like the weather of consciousness.”


WARNING: This piece contains full male nudity and graphic imagery which some audiences may find offensive and/or distressing.


Personal Note: If you have been, or know of anyone suffering from mental health issues please remember that friends, family, the NHS, and other support groups are there to discuss any issues you may be suffering from. For more information on how you can help yourself or someone else please visit or


Title of work: ‘Anatomy of the Heart’

Conceptualised/Performed by: Joss Carter

Music:     ‘Love Sick’ - written and performed by Joss Carter, produced by Kit Bodenham

        ‘Fraxinus (Ash)’ - produced by Bartholomäus Traubeck // Voice recordings written and performed by Joss Carter, produced by Kit Bodenham

        ‘Blood Lines’ - produced by Kit Bodenham


Stage & Lighting Design: Joss Carter

Marketing and Production: Joss Carter

Marketing and Press Photography: Dean Chalkley

Marketing and Press Cinematography: Daniel Lowenstein & Yi Zhang

Special FX: Karolina Kluzniak

Aerial Rigging: Aaron Marshall


Kindly Supported by: Sadler’s Well Theatre, The Place, K5 Studio, TripDance


Thanks to: Sadler's Wells Theatre, Tripspace Projects, K5 Studio, The Place, Dean Chalkley, Dan Lowenstein, Yi Zhang, Kit Bodenham, Karolina Kluzniak, Kip Johnson, Aaron Marshall, Robyn Cabaret, Lee Clayden, Jerrel Jackson, 


Special thanks to all the 2018 crowdfunding supporters: Brita Grov, Miss Anonymous, Kiran Chahal, Peter Leach, Nicolas Vendange, Laura Patay, Bella Whatley, Jackie Hindson, Nathanial Wadey, Daniel Hernandez, Heather Albrighton, Mr Anonymous, Maria Lothe, Alistair Goldsmith, Laura Weston, Miss Anonymous, Lisa Clarke, Rudi Cole, Connor Quill, Montserrat Ventura, Gary Clarke, Claire Hale, Mr Anonymous, Ken Ludden, Rosalind Kay-Price, Rachele Rapisardi, Vivi Stamatatos, Sonya Cullingford, MoxieBrawl, Harlan Rust, Eriketi Andreadaki, Reece McMahon, Sally Brierley.


20.02.2018 - *PREMIERE* The Place, London, UK as part of Resolutions

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