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.....BOOKINGS NOW BEING commence from 5th July 2020 under the new UK Government COVID-19 guidelines...


…and the “Guidance for personal trainers and coaches on the phased return of sport and recreation in England” set by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport....



…All artists need to feel that someone has their back…

...So…get back on your feet, into your mind, body and soul....

and pursue your artistic freedom.” 


"With over 10 years of professional experience performing, touring, teaching and creating in the vast fields of the performing arts on an international scale Joss has gained a wide range of skills, experience and knowledge within education, stage, immersive, T.V and film in which he wants to offer his support to other artists and practitioners in order for YOU to develop your own working practises, forward your career, and strengthen you health & well being during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. 

From building confidence in new physicality's, preparing for auditions and castings, build on current working roles, enhancing flexibility, self discipline, stamina, body conditioning and injury prevention, researching and developing casting roles and safe guarding, Joss will provide personal direction and tailored sessions for one-on-one and groups (maximum 5 participants within COVID-19 support bubbles)  to suit the individual and group needs and requirements in and around your schedule to  master your craft and pursue artistic freedom. 


With a preliminary ‘Personal & Creative Information Requirements Form’ (PCIRF), pre session consultations, and working with an inclusive, friendly, trustworthy mentor, you can feel confident that you will be coached with a safe practitioner/facilitator, and encouraged in developing your own unique being to reach your own desired goals. 

It is important to mention that these are NOT life coaching sessions. The sessions are constructed to aide your movement, performance and development within the performing arts industries. What you gain from these sessions is up to you how you transfer them into your every day lives. 

Regardless of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the demand of being an artist and being required to be as versatile as possible. Joss has developed this service because he believes that all artists need to feel that someone has their back and can give guidance and confidence in to taking them to the next levels of their career development. 

In regards TO the global COVID-19 pandemic, these past months of lockdown and quarantine have of course been extremely challenging. The idea of having time to "learn new skills" can be such a rewarding idea and experience but also an overwhelming one too. We all want to try and get back into ourselves with the skills we know best, have trained in, and committed ourselves to, and also maybe include new found skills and understandings of ourselves…..and the possibility is slowly becoming a reality once again!

 The challenges faced of not being able to keep physically and creatively motivated, or not having the physical space to do so. The frustration of isolation and lack of human contact. The anxiety of how am I/are we going to be able to comfortably and safely start to rebuild "normality" back into our lives. The fear of being physically and mentally ready for an audition, or to start back into a role or production when studios and theatres start to re-open is a daunting one. Or the relief of knowing that someone is there to encourage and believe in you. Maybe you have crazy new ideas that you want to explore and need someone to guide you through manifesting them from imagination to reality? Maybe you have already started back and need one-on-one support in any circumstance? 


Whether you are a performer, movement practitioner, choreographer or director, what ever your needs, Joss will try his hardest to make sure you succeed in any way you see he can be of service in the safest most efficient way possible. So, get you back on your feet and into your mind, body and soul”

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J O S S  C A R T E R

Contemporary Movement & Performance Specialist

Dancer | Actor | Creature | SPACT | Choreographer | Director | Teacher | Mentor 

Stage | Immersive | T.V. | Film | Motion Capture

" F L E S H  &  B O N E  I N T E R R O G A T I O N S "

C O N T E M P O R A R Y  M O V E M E N T  & 

P E R F O R M A N C E  C O A C H I N G


H E A L T H  & W E L L  B E I N G  |  S T A G E  

I M M E R S I V E  |  T . V .  |  F I L M

A V A I L A B L E  F O R

D A N C E R S  |  A C T O R S  |  L I V E - A R T I S T S  |  C I R C U S  A R T I S T S  | 

 C R E A T U R E  P E R F O R M E R S   |  M O T I O N  &  P E R F O R M A N C E 

C A P T U R E  A R T I S T S  |  S P A C T  &  S T U N T  P E R F O R M E R S 

D I R E C T O R S  |  C H O R E O G R A P H E R S  |  T E A C H E R S  |  M A R T I A L  A R T I S T S  

O N E - O N - O N E  &  G R O U P  B O O K I N G S


(Group bookings maximum 5 participants in COVID-19 support bubbles)

T O  S U P P O R T  &  A S S I S T

H E A L T H  &  W E L L B E I N G  |  T E C H N I Q U E  |   P H Y S I C A L I T Y  | 

P S Y C O L O G Y  |  C H A R A C T E R  D E V E L O P M E N T  |  A U D I T I O N S  |  C A S T I N G S  |  S E L F  T A P E S  |  R  &  D  |  E X P E R I M E N T S 

R E H E A R S A L S  |  C R E A T I O N S  |   C O N C E P T S  |  P R O D U C T I O N S 


• Private sessions tailored to your own specific needs and requirements. 

• Book in, or around your own schedule.

• Delve deep into Joss' radical 'FLESH & BONE INTERROGATIONS' methodology.

• Master your craft and pursue artistic freedom.

• Build confidence in new skills.

• Director or choreographer? Research, Develop and support your casting roles & artists by offering a company session or on site/set mentor.

• *Available to travel.* 

• Feel safe and encouraged with an inclusive, friendly, trustworthy mentor.

• New PPE (face mask/gloves/sanitiser) will be supplied free of charge.

• Covered by Equity Public Liability Insurance.

• DBS checked 

• *Terms & Conditions apply*

C O V I D - 1 9 


S E S S I O N  P R I C I N G

1  S E S S I O N - WAS - £80 (1.5 hrs total @ £53.30 ph)

                             - NOW - £40 (1.5 hrs total @ £26.60 ph)

2  SE S S I O N S - WAS - £150 (3 hrs total @ £50 ph)

                               - NOW - £80 (3 hrs total @ £26.60 ph)

3  SE S S I O N S - WAS - £200 (4.5 hrs total @ £44.40 ph)

                                - NOW - £100 (4.5 hrs total @ £22.20 ph)

4  S E S S I O N S - WAS - £280 (6 hrs total @ £46.60 ph)

                                - NOW - £140 (6 hrs total @ £23.30 ph)

5  SE S S I O N S - WAS - £350 (7.5 hrs total @ £50 ph)

                               - NOW - £175 (7.5 hours total @ £23.30 ph)

!!! B U Y  5  S E S S I O N S  - 

G E T  1  S E S S I O N  F R E E !!!

• Sessions can be divided or combined to suit your needs & schedule.

(i.e. 5 sessions could =  3 x 1.5 hr  session a 1 x 3 hour session)

 Available for 1-on-1, or groups of up to 5 ppl within COVID-19 support bubbles

• New PPE (face mask/gloves/sanitiser) will be supplied free of charge.

• Includes a ‘personal & creative information requirements form’ (PCIRF) and a 30 minute pre consultation via Skype/Zoom to tailor the specific needs of your session.

• Split the costs with friends/peers/colleagues with group bookings.

• Due to the set pricing of  COVID-19 other discounts are currently unavailable.

• Recorded video footage available upon request.

• Safe and Secure payment via PayPal


• *Terms & Conditions apply* 

O U T D O O R  P A R K S  |  N A T U R A L  S P A C E S (i.e. marshes/woods/forests/cemeterys)  

C I T Y  L A N D S C A P E S  |  G A R D E N S  | 

O T H E R  O U T D O O R  R E C R E A T I O N A L  S P A C E S

within London Zones 1-3 via bicycle, or on set/location within and outside London Zones 1-3 (as long as travel is supplied) and health and safety measures are in place.


B O O K I N G  A  S E S S I O N

• All new bookings and clients are asked to fill out and sign a ‘personal & creative information requirements form’ and take part in a 30 minute Skype/Zoom consultation to discuss and confirm the sessions requirements and tailor the clients individual needs.  All informations shared will be treated as CONFIDENTIAL and HIGHLY SENSITIVE and WILL NOT be publicly or privately shared under the rules, guidance and agreement of the Data Protection Act 2018 and any other Non-Disclosure agreements made between the Joss Carter (The Facilitator) & You (The Client).

• All bookings will be 100% confirmed and secured upon payment of invoice via PayPal

• Sessions may be rescheduled within 12 hours notice. No refunds for cancellations or no shows. 

• Please read the Session, Booking, Payment, Rescheduling, Cancellation & Refund policies below for more information. 

C O V I D - 1 9  &  G E N E R A L  H E A L T H  &  S A F T E Y  P R C E D U R E S  &  R E Q U I R E M E NT S


• New PPE (face mask/gloves/sanitiser) will be supplied free of charge.


• Sessions will be managed within the new UK Government Covid-19 social distancing guidelines that shall be in affect from the 4th July -


…..and the “Guidance for personal trainers and coaches on the phased return of sport and recreation in England” set by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport. - 


• Joss is covered by Equity’s Public Liability Insurance and is DBS checked.

• You will be required to give a full and honest medical history in the 'Personal & Creative Information Requirements Form’ (PCIRF) 


• Outdoor parks / natural spaces (i.e. marshes/woods/forest/cemetery)/ city landscapes / gardens / other outdoor recreational spaces within London Zones 1-3. 

• Available to work
on set within and outside (as long as private travel is supplied) London Zones 1-3 and health and safety measures are in place.


• Travel via bicycle to meet you at your chosen location to avoid public transport.


• It is advised that you choose a location as close to a safe house as possible incase of: emergency, when nature calls, eliminate the use of public transport. 

C L I E N T S   R E Q U I R E M E N T S


• You will be required to follow the current COVID-19 UK government guidelines. (please see above links)


• Wear suitable clothing and footwear for movement outdoors and and also clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty/damaged. Bring suitable/protective clothing against ever changing weather conditions. Please note that sessions will take place no matter the weather unless 12 hours notice is given to reschedule by the client unless in extreme conditions and agreed upon by all parties involved. 


• Bring a plentiful personal supply of water and food.

• Bring sunscreen. 

• Please be on time.

• As we will be outside in public spaces, public toilets may be unavailable. Please make sure to go to the toilet before the session. 

S E S S I O N S ,  B O O K I N G S ,  P A Y M E N T S ,  R E S C H E D U L I N G S ,  C A N C E L L A T I O N S  &  R E F U N D S


• Sessions can be rescheduled up to 12 hours before the agreed upon time and date due to weather, personal matters or any other unforeseen circumstances. (subject to availability) 


• All sessions not rescheduled 12 hours prior will continue to go ahead regardless of weather conditions. If the client does not show up on the agreed upon date/time there will be no refund. 


• It is advised that you reschedule your booking rather than cancel as all cancelled sessions will not be refunded. Sorry.


• Sessions will start and finish on time. It is recommended to arrive 30 mins before the agreed upon time and location to allow for meet and greet, and finding/preparing location and body.


• Sessions will be officially documented via film recording. You (The Client) have the right to decline this option at any time. Any and all official footage recorded will be sent to the Client for private/public use. Any and all official footage recorded and used by Joss Carter (The Facilitator) for the purposes of publicity via social media platforms and website etc will need permission by the Client before use. 

• All payments will occur AFTER the pre consultation. You (The Client) have the right to choose whether you want to continue going ahead with the session agreed up or kindly refuse up to 72 hours after the invoice have been sent. Once payment has been made you are committed to after the fact. 

• All invoices and payments will be sent and received via Paypal. Invoices will be sent within 24 hours of session consultation. Payments must be made within 72 hours of receiving invoice to finalise and secure session confirmation. 

• You will receive a text/email reminder notification 72 hours before your session.

* T E R M S  &  C O N D I T I O N S *


M A K E  AN  E N Q U I R Y 


B O O K  N O W


Thanks! Message sent.