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J O S S  C A R T E R

Contemporary Movement & Performance Specialist

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27.09.2020 // Flesh & Bone Interrogations Workshop - Open Level // 12am - 4pm // Bloodline Gym, London




Contemporary Movement & Performance Workshop


Due to excessive service costs of using Eventbrite in the past for ticket sales I will no longer be using this service.

Instead ALL PAYMENTS will be made directly via PAYPAL unless otherwise stated.

Unfortunately I am unable to refund ticket sales. If for some reason you cannot make the workshop after booking you have the right to sell onto another person.


n.b. This workshop is accessible to all types of creatives interested in using/developing the physical body including but not limited to: dancers, circus artists, actors, musicians, fine artists, theatre directors, martial artists, live artists, yogis, sculptors, painters, creature and motion capture performers, and anyone else who has a passion and a hunger in developing their own personal, and artistic practise for stage, film & T.V. 


Workshop Description

The workshop will first commence with a group introduction to share & communicate a self awareness of each individual’s current states of being. This allows to create an open, safe, trustworthy and respectful habitat before progressing to an in-depth approach to the fundamental techniques of Joss’ distinctive training, choreographic and performance methodologies.


‘FLESH & BONE INTERROGATIONS’ focuses on exhausting the body through a guided, yet self disciplined technical and creative concepts that aim to construct, demolish and distort the anatomy in a radical approach to primitive, classical and contemporary movement, emotion & theatricality. 


Energised and enhanced by the technique of conscious breath we will discover our inner voices, the eruptions and earthquakes that lay dormant in the body, explore how to expand & shrink the nervous system & kinesphere, and further understand impact and protection within falling and collision, all rooted within a foundation around the extreme use of tension and relaxation.


Playing with imagery, metaphor, and simile, we will generate physically based creative tasks which will allow us to explore the beauty within the grotesque, unleash the beasts and creatures that lye within our souls, and purge our innermost demons.


The workshop is based around a social anarchism and mindful movement. Aiming to empower individualism and self belief, we will purify the soul, strip the ego and strengthen the mental, physical and spiritual health of yourself and each other.

Joss believes that self discipline, sacrifice, purging, and mortification of the physical and mental being is vital to not only expand artistic identity, but to also infiltrate and educate the wellbeing and dexterity of each individual. Through a non judgemental, honest, caring, sensitive and intimate environment we shall recognise the importance of independence, camaraderie, self contemplation and social congregation.




Joss Carter is an international contemporary dancer, physical theatre performer, live artist, movement specialist, creature performer, motion & performance capture artist, special action performer, choreographer & director & teacher

currently based in London, UK.

Born and raised in South Shropshire/West Midlands, he graduated from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds, UK, in 2010. 

He has performed, toured and taught with companies and choreographers such as: BalletBoyz - ‘The Talent’ including work by Russell Maliphant, T.R.A.S.H, Tilted Productions, Secret Cinema, Lea Tirabasso, Oona Doherty & Gary Clarke Company amongst many more. 

Joss also works in T.V, film as a movement specialist/creature performer including ‘The Mummy’ starring Tom Cruise, and Sky drama ‘Curfew’ starring Sean Bean plus other projects with movement direction from Alex Reynolds, Charlie Mayhew and Dan O’neill.


He has also featured in music videos, fashion/creative/conceptual photo shoots, and has experience in Motion Capture and SPACT/Stunt work which he is continuing to develop over the coming years.


He creates his own body of solo work including: ‘The Ravenous Flight of Misanthropy’, ‘SALVATION’, ‘MISERY FLESH’, ‘Anatomy of the Heart’.


Joss is co-owner and co-ordinator of K5 Studios in North London.

F L E S H  &  B O N E 

I   N   T   E   R   R   O   G   A    T   I   O   N   S

Workshop Participants Feedback

“These workshops seem so fundamental to being human.”

“The workshops bring me back to myself from a deep place of identity – my own cellular make up is disturbed,

shaken, vibrated, energised and chemically changed.”

“It disturbs the social norms that we fall into when we encounter daily life, it gives me a different lens with which to

look at the world, it promotes empathy, generosity and passion."

“Joss’ approach of teaching, and generosity of sharing his vast knowledge of movement is absolutely amazing.”

“It was very refreshing, from a dancer’s point of view, to find myself in a non-judgmental, loving environment which

I believed encouraged us all to take risks and fully explore the given tasks.”

“Joss established a sense of community and trust within the group from the very start, which created a space for

pushing the body to physical and mental extremes.”

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