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Dancers Massage Exchange is created for the people, by the people, providing professionals and students working physically within the art of any form of dance and physical movment a sanctuary to share new skills, techniques and ideas in physical therapy with the trust, comfort and satisfaction that the needs and requirments of each individual will be specially taken care of.

DME helps to avoid the disapointment of an expensive, uncomfortable, unsatifying, and sometimes confusing treatment, creating a safe space of learning, touch, communication and social intergration.

The exchange works on a "Listen and respond" & "Get what you give, give what you get" basis so no excusses for dissapointment :)

Prepare yourselves for relaxation and nourichment!


The cost of the 6 hour exchange is FREE, but a suggested donation of £10 is recommended to help support the hospitality of K5 Studio. (Thats only £10 for a 6 hour physical and social massage of the mind, body and spirit!!!!)

Donations can be made at the beginning, or at the end of the session via cash or bank transfer.

Please only book a space if you can 100% commit to this workshop. Otherwise you will be taking this opportunty from someone else.

If for some unexpected reason you are unable to make this workshop after booking please inform Joss Carter as soon as possible so he can find someone to fill your space, or even better find someone yourself....but please make sure you inform this information. 



• Vegitarian/vegan/gluten free food and juices to share. (Rememeber to give what you get and get what you give......homemade and freshly-made food and juices are always the best!!!! Tea and water provided)

• 2 Towels

• Oils/creams/moistureisers 



This event is only for people with exerience and training in using the body through dance and physical movement.

Participants MUST have knowledge of the anatomy, physio/osteo and/or other physical therapies of treatment. 




For travel and transport information please visit:

DME is facilitated by Joss Carter and K5 Studio.

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