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A B O U T  T H E  R E S ! I D E N C Y

 K5 Res!idency is new initiative by Joss Carter within its second year that supports independent dance artists, choreographers and/or companies of The Place's annual performance platform Resolution with FREE studio space to develop their new performance work, and nurture their professional practises. K5 and Carter are also providing a discounted rate of available studio hire for all applicants of Res!idency 2017.


We believe all artists should be open to support and develop each another as best, and in any way we possibly can. This is why the financial contributions for space hire goes directly into offering programs like Res!idency 2017, and supporting other artists to survive within the economy and give the ability to create, maintain and develop their professional careers and personal lives.

  R E S ! I D E N T  A R T I S T S

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This collaboration between Ellen Johansson and sculpture Clémence Hémard Hermitant converses on growth, alteration and erosion in a humorous and tender exchange.



'Can You Hear The Sound Of

The Flowers?'

Join our community of flowers on a branching journey, discovering permaculture through movement, sound and visual arts. An invitation to dig up the roots of our lives to see what's there.

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