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J O S S  C A R T E R

Contemporary Dancer | Physical Theatre Performer | Live Artist | Movement Specialist | Creature Performer | Motion & Performance Capture Artist | SPACT Performer | Choreographer & Director | Teacher

C L A S S E S 

Joss’ classes focus on establishing and exhausting the body through technical and primitive forms of stimulating and self-disciplined actions/reactions by incorporating his own radical methodology of shaking, bouncing, falling, and the expansions and contractions of the kinesphere through reaching with a conscious application of voice and breath. He aims to energise and unlock the corporeal existence of one-self. 

The intensity of Carters raw and extreme classes and workshops aid the discovery and understanding of  speed, strength, power, tension to further the sophistication of control, softness and relaxation within the ‘FLESH and BONE’.

He aims to strip away the ego of each participant to obtain ecstatic states of purification, liberation and mindfulness in the soul.


Self sacrifice, purging and mortification of the physical and mental being is vital to not only expand artistic identity, but to also infiltrate and educate the wellbeing and dexterity of each individual. Through a non judgemental, honest, caring, sensitive and intimate environment we shall recognise the importance of independence, camaraderie, self contemplation and social congregation.



These classes and workshops naturally evolve into the conceptual and choreographic exploration of Carter's work.


F L E S H  &  B O N E 

I   N   T   E   R   R   O   G   A    T   I   O   N   S

Workshop Participants Feedback

“These workshops seem so fundamental to being human.”

“The workshops bring me back to myself from a deep place of identity – my own cellular make up is disturbed,

shaken, vibrated, energised and chemically changed.”

“It disturbs the social norms that we fall into when we encounter daily life, it gives me a different lens with which to

look at the world, it promotes empathy, generosity and passion."

“Joss’ approach of teaching, and generosity of sharing his vast knowledge of movement is absolutely amazing.”

“It was very refreshing, from a dancer’s point of view, to find myself in a non-judgmental, loving environment which

I believed encouraged us all to take risks and fully explore the given tasks.”

“Joss established a sense of community and trust within the group from the very start, which created a space for

pushing the body to physical and mental extremes.”


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2010 - 2019

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