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Joss Carter is intrigued by the organic and obscure distortion of anatomy and psychology through physical and emotional expression, and mind altering states of being. He constantly teases with, and overcomes thresholds to reveal the beauty within the grotesque in a contemplation of life/death, living/dying, & rebirth.


Joss has developed a terrific sense of fluidity, speed, softness and grounded sensitivity that has been established from the discipline, knowledge, awareness, and understanding of extremes and subtleties in contraction, tension, impact and repetition.

All of this is accompanied through the application of a forced breath and voice work.


Carter is driven by exhaustion to feed a constant hunger of ecstatic liberation.

He is on an eternal quest to discover the heart and soul of himself and to share this with others through his methods and technique of movement, choreographic and performance practises.

Carter's work is a provoking and controversial surreal hyper-realism that challenges the histories, beliefs, cultures and fantasies of humanity.

Through the disruption of physical and mental states of the performer, his audience’s are transcended through a cathartic journey of visceral concepts and an awakening of all senses, allowing the space to open up questions and considerations for one's own moral existence.


His work is consciously crafted for performance versatility.

He allows the work to be re/deconstructed to fit a multitude of situations and environments by fracturing, editing, and evolving the performance concept from its original frame to create new pathways.

Joss entwine's other forms of his artistic crafts, techniques and life skills to produce music, prop, and set design.

His technical, creative and academic applications allow Joss to be artistic, scientific and experimental with his endeavours.

He discovers and develops conceptual set forms and improvised structures, combined with his own contemporary process, analysis, reflection, logic, opinion and belief within both familiar and unfamiliar realms of body, mind and soul.



Carter opens the space to make a change for individuals and guide them towards creating a better life for themselves whether it be for professional or personal development. His classes strive to provide a socially acceptable, non judgmental attitude, to nurture each individual in a friendly, open environment, making sure everybody works as a team and help each other from strength to strength.

Joss see's himself not just a dance teacher, but more importantly a confident, life mentor.


His classes focus on exhausting the body through variations of self disciplined repetitive actions and expanding and shrinking the kinesphere using vibrations of the body in a stimulating and radical movement technique that is energised by a forced breath and voice work.

The classes explore the extremes of power and tension to further the discovery of extremes in softness and relaxation that aim to strip the ego and obtain states of liberation in body and soul. 

Joss is practising  and developing his own interrogations into the FLESH & BONE  through international intensive workshops.

To read more about the FLESH & BONE Interrogations please click here


His instinctual strategies have allowed Carter to evolve distinctive *Artrepreneurial approaches to independent production and the “business of dance”, in which he constantly struggles and strives to challenge the perceptions and possibilities of himself and his work within the current arrangements of the arts in the UK.




*Artrepreneurial - an artistic perspective and initiative towards the views, actions and developments of a creative ‘business’

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