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'E C L I P S E '

E D U C A T I O N A L  C R E A T I V E   E X C H A N G E  P R O G R A M



1. an obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer or between it and its source of illumination:


The ‘Eclipse’ Creative Exchange Educational Programme' is a unique five day creative exchange to 15 students which focus on a variety of  working approaches within the educational and professional development systems. Encouraging colleges, universities and conservatoire’s to further their students understanding to question and stimulate the individual’s personal, educational and creative applications Eclipse provides stability and guidance within the repositioning from student to professional freelance self employed artist status. 

The programme was developed to give students a sincere insight into the most valuable professional and personal experiences in becoming a self employed dance artist, something that Joss, and so many others alike were never taught or told about during their own studies and had to find out the hard way. It was created to discover innovative and cost effective ways of collaboration between artists making work and the use of resources within educational organisations.

The Exchange is specifically tailored to the needs of the organisation and their students and can be facilitated independently by Joss himself, or with other invited collaborative guest artists to add to the learning of new personal experiences and knowledge for the students.

Joss (and invited guests) provides an experimental approach towards a new creative learning experience by prompting students to open up their self awareness and begin their own journey on establishing themselves as arts professionals by providing a nurturing and fertile platform where the personal and creative concepts of the students, Joss (and guests) can be explored through classes, workshops, discussions, life talks, independent creative exploration, sharing’s, observations, responses and analysis. 

‘Eclipse’ initiates with a call out/application process and is either available to a specific year/creative group chosen by the educational institution, or open to all that wish to apply. This procedure allows the students to learn and understand from one of the very key fundamental processes of professional development. It also allows Joss (and guests) to assess and develop a relationship and understanding of the students and their working idea before meeting in person. 

The ‘Eclipse’ Creative Exchange Educational Programme’ stands as a great opportunity for students and institutions as it benefits the development of both educational and professional perspectives through a collaboration into new ways of supporting and nurturing students, professionals and organisations together.This creative educational program also provides Joss (and guests) with a catalyst to explore and share their own choreographic ventures with the support and  recognition of leading dance and art institutions and organisations.


The ‘Eclipse' Creative Exchange Educational Programme' was initially trialed and developed for The Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2014 and provided 15 students with the skills and confidence to create very successful achievements within their first year of graduating. 

Previous collaborative guest artists include: 

•Kip Johnson (Protein Dance/Ultima Vez/NSCD 

•Rudi Cole (HumanHood/Akram Khan/NSCD alumni)


P A R T I C I P A N T S  F E E D B A C K


•"The week helped me come to the grips of being self employed and taking charge of this career path in a proud manner rather than being afraid or timid.”    - Akeim Buck, (Director Toussaint to Move.NSCD Graduate 2014.

•"Joss, Kip and Rudi were all approachable and honest with their thoughts, experiences, and teaching. As a soon-to-be-graduate, one of the most useful ‘careers’ related sessions I have had to date was the ‘Life after Northern’ chat." - Dagmar Birnbaum (currently undertaking a part-time Masters degree in Dance Science at the University of Wolverhampton. NSCD Graduate 2014)


•"The concept and idea with Eclipse is for me something I find very satisfying in the UK dance world. 3 people with very different skills, very different places of work and very different inputs and teaching methods who get together to teach and to give skills out as a big overall packaged deal. That is for me a very good initiative"    - Toke Broni Strandby (NSCD Graduate 2014 currently working with Candoco Dance Company.

•"I Found everything that the intensive offered hugely beneficial and nurturing towards my growth as an artist. The week was hugely well organised and lead with confidence and assurance. They gave a sense of reality and not only did they bring optimism about the dance world, they also painted a truthful picture of the harsh reality behind freelance work. This prepared me for my future more than anything and gave attention to the expected struggles to face when being self employed." - Shelley Eva Haden (Rosie Kay/Rhiannon Faith/NSCD Graduate 2014. Nominee for The National Dance Awards as “Most outstanding female performer of 2017” voted by the Critics Circle. )



Each morning, a 2 hour class is facilitated to expose the students to physically and mentally challenging methods of Joss’ techniques, training and choreographic ideas (and the other teachings of his guests) within a collaborative, engaging and fruitful environment.  Furthering from the class a 2 hour daily workshop that focuses on the creative aspects and engaging with different concepts of movement and choreographic tasks.

After lunch, and using the techniques and knowledge of morning classes and workshops, the students, and Joss (and guests) begin into an afternoon of individual choreographic and creative enquiry. Each afternoon gives independent capacity for students to develop on their own working methods (whether it be for educational assessments or other independent projects) to engage and develop their own choreographic and technical application towards researching, making and analysing work together. 

Through out the week each student is encouraged to collaborate with each other to build & develop ideas when necessary, to share their work to the group and offer/receive physical and mental feedback and support to their peers in which ever direction the creative enquiry may lead, with Carter (and guests) offering any outside observations and guidance when necessary.

As well as nurturing the students through this structured afternoon Joss creates time for himself (and guests) to develop their own individual investigations. These findings, along with the students own creative discoveries are then later shared in a ‘Work-in-Progress’ sharing at the end of the week.

These sharing's can be tailored to the group, selected audiences, or open to all. Each individual is given the opportunity, if they wish to explain the processes of the working concept and express and receive observations, opinions, questions and constructive/negative criticism’s on the work presented within a guided Q&A or feedback form led either by Joss, a student or a member of staff, again highlighting that this experience is about growth, analysis,, communication and encouragement to the development of fellow peers work and career. 

One afternoon throughout the week Joss (and guests) also provides an open and honest discussion into the lifestyle and industry of the professional dance world based on his own individual experience. This takes the form of an informal gathering to converse subjects that may be focused around any questions, thoughts, worries or wonders the students may have within their training and beyond education. This allows the students to articulate and consider where their place may be within the wide scope of the dance profession and how to cope with being spat out into the big bad world after a life time of educational structure.

The programme is available to take place during term time and fit into normal academic timetable, or within half term periods as extra curriculum.



1 artist (Joss Carter) = £600 per week.

2 artists (Joss & guest) = £1100 per week. 

3 artists (Joss & 2 guests) = £1600 per week.


The costs of this programme, plus travel and accommodation can also negotiated  depending on what additional support the organisations can supply to the artists. All participating organisations will be recognised as supporters of the artistic development of ‘Eclipse’, Joss Carter, guests, and the works developed.  


Organisations and institutions are encouraged to support their students with new ideas and initiatives. 

Students are also encouraged to approach their educational institution with their interest for the program. 

M O R E  I N F O  &  B O O K I N G

Please get in contact via the CONTACT PAGE

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