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31 day 

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01.03 - 31.03

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from April 

Ts & Cs apply

30 day launch deal

Buy any session package

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O N E - O N - O N E  &  G R O U P  B O O K I N G S


30 day launch 


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T's & C's Apply

With over 10 years of professional experience performing, touring, teaching and creating in the vast fields of the performing arts on an international scale Joss has gained a wide range of skills, experience and knowledge in which he wants to offer his support to other artists in order for you to develop your own working practises and forward your career. 


From building confidence in new physicality's, preparing for auditions and castings, build on current working roles, enhancing flexibility, self discipline, stamina, body conditioning, and injury prevention, researching and developing casting roles, safe guarding, he will provide personal direction in his private studio, on and off set and in real life environments, Joss  provides tailored sessions for one-on-one and groups to suit the individual needs and requirements in and around your schedule to master your craft and pursue artistic freedom. 

With a preliminary personal information form, individual contract, pre and post session consultations, and working with an inclusive, friendly, trustworthy mentor, you can feel confident that you will be coached in a safe environment and encouraged in developing your own unique being to reach your own desired goals. 

It is important to mention that these are NOT life coaching sessions. The sessions are constructed to aide your movement and performance within the performing arts industry. What you gain from these sessions is up to you how you transfer them into your every day lives. 

In such demanding times of being an artist where we are required to be as versatile as possible Joss has developed this service because he believes that all artists need to feel that someone has their back and can give guidance and confidence in to taking them to the next levels of their career development.

What ever your needs, Joss will try his hardest to make sure you succeed in any way you see he can be of service! 

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J O S S  C A R T E R

Contemporary Movement & Performance Specialist

Dancer | Actor | Creature | SPACT | Choreographer | Director | Teacher | Mentor 

Stage | Immersive | T.V. | Film | Motion Capture


• Private sessions tailored to your own specific needs and requirements. 

• Secured by contract and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

• Book in, or around your own schedule.


• Delve deep into Joss' radical 'FLESH & BONE INTERROGATIONS' methodology.

• Master your craft and pursue artistic freedom.


• Director or choreographer? Research & Develop your casting roles & artists.


• Work in Joss' private London K5 Studio (N41FF)/on set/your own preference.


• Available to travel.* 

• Available to come and see you perform*

• Feel safe and supported with an inclusive, friendly, trustworthy mentor.

• Covered by Equity & First Act's Public Liability Insurance.

• DBS checked 


• *Terms & Conditions apply*

* C L I C K  H E R E  F O R  

T E R M S  &  C O N D I T I O N S *


1  S E S S I O N - £80 (1.5 hrs @ £53.30 per hour)

2  SE S S I O N S - £150 (3 hrs @ £50 ph)

3  SE S S I O N S - £200 (4.5 hrs @ £44.40 ph)

4  S E S S I O N S - £280 (6 hrs @ £46.60 ph)

5  SE S S I O N S - £350 (7.5 hrs @ £50 ph)

1  F U L L  D A Y  S E S S I O N  -  £350 (7.5 hours @ £50 ph)

2  F U L L  D A Y  S E S S I O N S -  £650 (14 hours @ £46.40  ph)

3  F U L L  D A Y  S E S S I O N S  -  £900 (22.5 hours @ £40 ph)

4  F U L L  D A Y  S E S S I O N S -  £1200 (30 hours @ £40 ph)

5  F U L L  D A Y   S E S S I O N S  -  £1400 (37.5 hours @ £37.3ph)


• Includes pre and post consultations.

• Sessions can be divided or combined to suit your schedule.


• Share the costs with friends/peers/colleagues with group bookings.

• 5+ full day sessions costs negotiable. 


• 10% discount for Equity, & Spotlight members and organisations.


• 20% discount for Students.

• All sessions will be secured under contract and Non-Discloasure Agreement (NDA)*

• Safe and Secure payment by PayPal

• Recorded video footage available upon request.


• *Terms & Conditions apply*


H O W  T O  B O O K  /  C O N T A C T

Please use the contact form below to enquire about making an appointment.

Please first give the dates & times you are wanting to book along with what you alooking for.

• HAPPY TO TRAVEL -  only within Greater London. Any bookings outside Greater London up to 150 miles will be subject  to a minimum of 2 sessions back to back. Any bookings over 150 mile radius from K5 Studio or a 2 hour train journey is subject to additional and negotiable travel/accommodation costs depending on requirements. European & International bookings subject to further travel costs and requirements.

These Reasons being: Travel and accommodation can be expensive and take up valuable time, especially for just one session :)

Any session that it outside of Greater London and requires studio space must be arranged and paid for by the client directly. 

It is recommended that the client uses K5 Studio free of charge. If any other specific costs are needed the client will be charged for this unless you are in need of accesible....... as K5 Studio is not accessible for wheelchair users.

• DISCOUNTS - proof of student I.D. & Equity/Spotlight membership will be asked if requesting any discounts. This information will be checked before proceeding with the booking. 

• WANT ME TO SEE YOU PERFORM LIVE? - If you are currently working within a production and want me to come see you perform before the session, you are required to organise a complimentary ticket. Sessions must already have been booked in advance and performances must be within Greater London. 

• You will be required to:

1. Fill out and sign a starter form and a mutual Non - Disclosure Agreement to protect both Joss and Client for and against sensitive informations before booking can be confirmed and payment can be made.

2. Your starter form will then be reviewed and a Skype/Facetime appointment will be scheduled within 48 hours to discuss further your requirements and how to personally tailor the session. From this point you can choose whether to continue or discontinue the booking.

3. Once dates/times/location of your session have been agreed upon, a contract and an invoice will be sent. Only then when all this information has been recieved, signed, and dated, and invoice paid, your session will then be confirmed.

4. ALL payments must be made via PayPal.

5. Payment MUST be made within 5 working days of receiving invoice of which your specific dates/times will be reserved. If payment is not made within these 5 days Joss reserves the right to take new bookings in on these dates/times. You will be notified that your payment has been received and a final conformation of your appointment with all information will be sent.

6. You will receive a reminder notification 72 hours before your session.

• All payments, rescheduling, refunds and cancellation fees are subject to the contract provided.

• Please note that due to the nature of Joss' profession appointments may have to be rescheduled no later than 36 hours before confirmed session.

If it is impossible to reschedule then a 100% refund will be given. 

• You are able to combine single sessions into groups and 1 one full day session day. You are unable to divide full day sessions into single sessions.

• The cost of any session will not be charged and do not include for any lunch breaks (45 - 60 mins max)

• Joss is covered by Equity's Public Liability Insurance and is DBS checked